About Us

The Garden Tool Store is now a multi-generational family business based in the Coromandel.

Beth, on the left, takes care of all the sales and sending while Joanna and Bryan import the tools from their contacts around the world.

We are gardeners, builders, experimenters, conservationists, ocean lovers and do our best to live and work by the ethics and principles of Permaculture. We enjoy being amongst people working together for similar visions.

The Garden Tools Store got it's start because we noticed that good quality garden tools were difficult to find in this country, so we kept a look out for good tools from elsewhere.

We listen to our customers and friends and do our best to obtain the best from around the world. Joanna and Bryan have visited many of the places the tools are made in person.

Schroeckenfux in Austria the last place in Europe to still make ready to use scythe blades (they used to be in many villages)

PKS bronze tools, inspired by Viktor Schauberger, also from Austria. These have proved very popular, especially as the manufacturers stand by their quality with the 25 year guarantee.

Glaser Engineering Tools from Switzerland are very well made and especially popular with market gardeners.

Grelinette (Broadfork)  we have designed and had 2 styles made here in New Zealand.

and more

We mostly just sell through this online store but you can occasionally find us at markets, mostly near Auckland.

Thank you for supporting us!