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Castor Trowel

Castor Trowel

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"The Ferrari Dinos of Trowels," says Allan Jenkins in The Observer Magazine on 22nd June 2008:

"Beautifully made, perfectly weighted, sharp and fit for purpose."

Bob Flowerdew was a member of the panel on Gardeners' Question Time on BBC Radio 4 on 12th November 2006. He was asked:

"What technological advances are the panel currently enjoying?"

Bob answered, " amazing trowel. The trouble is, so many trowels are blunt, they're heavy, they're thick and they're hard work. There's a new once that's been out for a few years. It's made of phosphor bronze. It's shaped more like a heart, it's got a point to it, it's curved, and when you stick it into the ground it just seems to bite its own way in. It makes digging holes in the hard soil easy work. And the edge is so hard and sharp like a sword, it doesn't blunt and I can use it to weed with as well. Absolutely 1000 times better than any other trowel on the market. Fantastic."

This is a convenient hand-trowel with a turned beechwood handle and a pointed blade, a good general-purpose trowel for vegetable plots and flower borders. The blade is curved on two planes, so it slices into the soil in a smooth action.

Length: 310 mm
Width: 90 mm

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