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Hula Hoe - Hydra

Hula Hoe - Hydra

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The bronze blade is sharpened on both edges. It oscillates about its brass pivot, cutting in both directions. Effectively it is a dutch hoe and draw hoe combined. A fast and efficient tool, useful for hoeing along rows and between plants and for cutting out roots. If chosen it is supplied with a limewood handle. The blades are bolted on and can be replaced when worn down.

The head rests on the soil surface while working. The pivot allows the head to cut into the soil with both forwards and backwards movements, cutting the weeds below the soil surface. The flat sides protect the rows of plants to either side, and the square shape allows the gardener to dig out deeper-rooted weeds with the corners.

You can use this tool while standing upright- so you can care for your body while at work

Great garden hoe - Also known as the oscillating, reciprocating, swivel, scuffle or stirrup hoe.

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