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Glaser Oscillating (Hula) hand hoe 85mm

Glaser Oscillating (Hula) hand hoe 85mm

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A favourite with market gardeners.

Also known as a hula hoe, swing hoe or a stirrup hoe.

Also available in 125mm and 175mm 

For weed control in seedling plantings and clean cultivation between narrow-planted rows of crops.
An oscillating/hula hoe is much more efficient than a standard hoe. The blade of the oscillating hoe works parallel to the ground in a easy push and pull motion, replacing the exhausting hoeing with a standard hoe. The weeds are undercut and weed seeds distributed by the wind, or animals, stay on the surface and can’t germinate.
The vertical edges of the blade are sharpened so a clean cut is possible very close to young plants without disturbing their growth.

Comes without  handle, but it has a holder for a handle, which can be easily bought at any hardware store. Choose one  1.5m long and 2.5-3 cm diameter. The receiver part of the hoe is tapered and has a slot for a screw to hold it in place. Quite easy to fit.

Good for cutting off the weeds just under the surface without disturbing the soil.

We also sell replacement blades.

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