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Glaser Wheel Hoe

Glaser Wheel Hoe

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The most efficient cultivating system for vegetable growers, backyard gardeners, research gardeners, gardening schools etc.
Wheel hoes fill the gap between hand hoes and motor driven hoes and are the most efficient human powered garden tool.
They present a cultivation and weeding system with a high level of cultivation accuracy, great speed and ease of operation.
Their excellent construction and solid design enable gardeners to increase efficiency without any extra effort.
There are 8 different types of implements available in different size, of which we have some in stock and can order others.

Wheel Hoe attachments

This Wheel Hoe is the favourite wheel hoe for vegetable growers and professional gardeners.

It's the hoe to tackle most tasks from soil preparation to harvest.
It is up to 10 times more effective with much less human effort needed.
There are different attachments available for most tasks from soil preparation to harvest. The most popular attachment is the oscillating hoe.

Technical data:

Weight: 9.0 kg Rust protection: galvanised and powder coated

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