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Glaser Wheeled Seeder

Glaser Wheeled Seeder

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This Wheeled Seeder can be used by hand or attached to the Glaser wheel hoe (or planet junior).

More than one seeder can be attached at the same time for multiple rows.

Seeder No. 800 T

This seeder enables fast and precise sowing of single seeds. Expensive seed can be saved and thinning is unnecessary.
The body of the seeder opens a seed drill, the seed is placed in the drill and the back wheel then presses the seed into the soil.

Result: fast germination.
The transparent cover protects the seed against humidity and dirt. And the seed level is constantly visible.

Single-row precision seeder for smaller seeded crops.

This well-built seeder comes with a clear hopper cover to prevent accidental spillage, an adjustable shaft with three seed hole sizes, and a rear roller to tamp the seed into the bed. Designed to be pulled. Does not include handle.

Technical data:

Contents: ca. 125 cm³ (73/4 cubic-inch)

Largest seed distance: 25.0 cm (10")

Smallest seed distance: 2.3 cm (7/8")

Diameter of the seed: 2, 3, 4 mm (3/16", 1/8", 5/32")

Weight: 1.26 kg Rust protection: galvanised and powder coated

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