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Grelinette / Broadfork

Grelinette / Broadfork

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The Grelinette or  broad fork is used to aerate the soil before planting and for harvesting  e.g to dig out potatoes, carrots, garlic, etc., and fertilise trees and shrubs. The beauty of this tool is that you can aerate the soil without disturbing the soil profile

*Please note this tool is not designed to be used to break up compacted soil, unless you only put the tines 50mm into the soil at a time and work your way in stages down into the compacted soil. 

The head weighs around 3 kg

The NZ tines are 300 mm long

The 5 tine is 540mm wide, the tines spaced at 110mm

The 4 tine is 440 mm wide, the tines spaced at 110 mm

The wooden handles are 1100 mm long.

Made in Thames, NZ.

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