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Ploskorez Swift Hoe

Ploskorez Swift Hoe

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The Swift is a stainless steel hoe which can be used to weed around the plants in your container bed or in the main garden.

It comes with a small (80mm) or a large (140mm) head on a 1200mm long handle. 

The shape of the Swift hoe allows you to work near the plant without danger of damage to nearby plants.

The  Swift is a subsurface cultivator,  capable of working larger areas of soil with the highest possible efficiency. The use of the large swift subsurface cultivator is especially advisable when working root vegetables.

The cultivator can be used both as a plough and a hoe. In the latter case the tool should be turned over and operated by pushing it. Indispensable for all soil preparation work (from subsurface down to 150 mm), planting, mounding, shaping and weeding tasks in large areas and long rows. Blend fertilisers and compost into the soil. Aerates and mellows the soil. Breaks down clots. Hoe without moving a lot of soil. Chop/Mix compost.

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