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Speedy Sharp

Speedy Sharp

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This small carbide sharpener fits in your pocket and is useful for sharpening all cutting edges. Great for knives and excellent for sharpening your gardening tools such as secateurs, scissors, spades, trowels etc.

It has a small oil pad in one end, so you can oil the non stainless blades when you finish with a rust inhibiting polycarbonate oil.

It can keep a keen edge on a knife, or peel the steel on a really blunt edge to bring it back to sharp.

It is a 100% super hard carbide tungsten blade sharpened with rust preventive oil (polycarbonate oil).  Since carbide tungsten is almost as hard as diamonds, it is much harder than the hardness of any blade.

Easy to use: Place the edge of the sharp edge against the blade and stroke in the direction of the blade.


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